As Admin, you can add, edit and delete services. the delete method will hide the service instead of deleting it from database.

Service Fields

the title of the service


the clean url part for the service, If you leave it empty the slug will be generated from the title


the category that the service belong to.


the service description, what you do, what you will provide for customer in this service.

Service Gallery

images for service, you can upload multiple images. the first image will be treated as the featured image.

Digital Product

Is this entry a digital product that customers will get a download link after purchase or just a service.

Digital Product File

Upload the file that the customers will download after purchasing the Service/Product

Service Requirements

This text will appear to customers after purchasing the service,
for example instagram account details, or website FTP, or any extra details that help you to complete the service.

SEO Keywords

for search engine optimization only, If you leave it empty the keywords will be generated from title.

SEO Description

for search engine optimization only, If you leave it empty the description will be generated from details.


choose whether you want to activate the service or to disable it temporarily.

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